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Dr Mike Inskip is dedicated to skin cancer prevention and treatments.

Diagnosing skin lesions with Dermoscopy

Dr Mike Inskip uses the most up to date and highest quality Fotofinder Vexia digital dermoscopy system to accurately diagnose skin lesions.  Dermoscopy is high resolution examination of the skin surface under magnification and bright illumination.  It permits more precise identification of skin lesions and reduces unnecessary surgical excisions.  Dr Mike Inskip is expert in the use of dermoscopy.  Clinical and dermoscopic images are kept on file for future comparison.

What You Can Expect


An Experienced Doctor

Dr Mike Inskip is  considered an expert in this field as he has performed over 11,000 procedures and diagnosed approximately 3,200 basal cell carcinomas, 1500 squamous cell carcinomas and over 720 melanomas.


We Provide Personal Service

All bookings are made with Dr Inskip, offering you peace of mind that when you book, you will not be diverted to another doctor.


We Run On Time

We understand the frustration of attending appointments on time, only to find that the doctor is running late.  Please understand that running on time is a top priority, but in the rare event that we may run a little late, our waiting room is a quiet and friendly place where you can relax comfortably.


High Quality Premises

Best quality equipment and facilities. Easy access from large carpark at rear of building.

Our Services

Icarus Skin Cancer Clinic is dedicated to looking after you in the prevention, identification and management of skin cancer.  

Dermoscope Assessment

A dermascope is a special microscope used in skin examinations. It allows the operator to see structures within the skin which helps with the diagnosis of skin cancers. This enables Dr Inskip to determine the next course of action regarding any suspicious lesions or moles often reducing the need for surgery.

Skin Imaging

During the examination, photographs are taken to enable a comprehensive diagnosis and management of skin cancers.  These are also kept on file for future comparisons.

Images Seen During Dermoscopy

Coiled Blood Vessels Indicate Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Situ

‘ Spoke Wheel Like Structures ‘ Indicate a Basal Cell Carcinoma

Pigmentation and Polymorphic Blood Vessel Pattern Indicates Melanoma

Complex Loop Vessels Indicate a Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma.

White Circles Typical of Squamous Cell Carcinoma

About Dr Mike Inskip


Dr Mike Inskip undertook his medical training in Manchester UK, qualifying in 1987.  He worked for many years in general practice in the UK and New Zealand.  In 2007 he moved to Australia with the specific intention of pursuing his interest in primary care skin cancer medicine.  Since 2008 he was worked exclusively in skin cancer medicine and undertook further training with the University of Queensland and Skin Cancer College Australasia.

He is now considered an expert in this field having performed some 12,000 procedures.  He has so far diagnosed some 3,500 basal cell carcinomas, 1,600 squamous cell carcinomas and 750 melanomas.  He holds Advanced Certificate of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and holds the title of Senior Lecturer at the School of Medicine, University of Queensland.  He has written numerous reports and academic studies on skin cancer and dermoscopy.  His interest in this field continues as an active participant with the international Dermoscopy Society.

Dr Inskip is well versed in both the surgical and non surgical management of skin cancers.  He is an experienced skin cancer surgeon and undertakes a full range of procedures including simple elliptical excisions, flaps and grafts.  90% of skin cancers diagnosed can be treated in the clinic.

On a personal note he is married to Dr Jane Mackie, a local GP and has three children in their late teens / early 20s.  He enjoys nature photography and collects the antique Australian bird prints of John Gould.



In Greek mythology Daedalus was a master craftsman commissioned by King Minos of Crete to build a great labyrinth to imprison the monstrous minotaur.  Daedalus and his son Icarus were then themselves imprisoned by the king. 

Wishing to escape Daedalus fashioned wings of feathers and wax to fly away from the island.  Icarus was warned by his father not to fly too high to prevent the heat of the sun from melting his wings.  Out of hubris Icarus ignored this advice, his wings melted and he fell to his death into the sea.  The Fall of Icarus has been a popular cautionary tale in European culture ever since as a warning against unbridled ambition and pride.  In our clinic we use the name to encourage Australians not to overlook the dangers of the sun.  In our logo Daedalus and Icarus are represented by wedge tail eagles which are often seen in the skies above Koo Wee Rup. 

Full-body Skin Examinations

Skin Examination Process

The skin is the largest organ of the body and should be examined in it’s entirety under bright illumination to maximise the chance  of finding skin cancers.  During a routine 20 minute appointment Dr Mike Inskip will thoroughly inspect your skin surface looking at all lesions using a dermoscope and taking digital images where necessary.  He will ask you to undress down to the underwear and work through each section of the skin in a systematic manner.

Please avoid wearing any makeup on the face or elsewhere.  This includes tinted moisturiser or any other similar coloured cosmetic product.  This is extremely important as it is not possible to see through make up and this can lead to failure to diagnose dangerous skin cancers.  If possible try to remove nail polish from both the fingers and toes.

At the end of the examination Dr Inskip will clearly identify any lesions of concern and discuss how to manage them.  Fortunately most of the time, there will no lesions of concern, and all that will be required is a further regular check in 6 months or a year.  He will need to see you more frequently if you have a higher risk of further skin cancers.  If there are suspicious lesions a punch or shave biopsy may be done at the time of the initial skin check.  This involves taking a small sample of skin under local anaesthetic.  If any surgical excisions are required Dr Inskip will usually ask you to come back for seperate surgery appointment within a few days.  A letter will always immediately be sent to your GP to keep them informed at every stage.  Dr Inskip considers it most important to keep your family doctor fully informed. 

Running on Time

 Dr Inskip does his very best to show the courtesy of always trying to run on time.

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